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Knowledge sharing built around a completely different concept. A pinch of social media, a dash of instant messaging, all made professional!
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Create professional, effective and engaging content within minutes!
Our powerful content creation app enables you to create professional content with the same ease and intuitiveness, exactly like you would create a story on social network channels.
Make sure your frontline employees are attentive and engaged by adding a short question and receive immediate feedback.
Summarize with flash cards, media and text, to give your employees the most important points to remember. This will complete the full learning cycle of delivering effective content, making sure your audience is engaged and summarized with a powerful reminder that lasts.
One way communication is simply not enough.
Finish each Bite with a professional discussion, where your frontline workforce can ask questions, share their thoughts, raise issues or simply communicate with their teammates.
Bites integrates with existing instant messaging platforms and allows you to use existing communication channels.
No need for the employees to onboard or get used to any new platform. Simply reach out to them on a channel where they are most attentive to – their existing instant messaging apps!
MS Teams
Enhance your TEAMS experience and workflow with Bites’ pro content layer.
Use Bites story-like creation tool to easily and quickly create professional content, share it directly via MS Teams, monitor and manage your content and employees. Bites on Teams will vastly improve communication, collaboration and training with a fun, cool and most updated user experience!
Bites in your natural Teams workspace

Using the Bites app on Teams platform, users can easily share a new Bite to the relevant ‘channels’ and create a professional content environment as a layer on TEAMS’ channel.

Employees consume professional content without getting outside from their natural workspace on TEAMS, no need to install new app - no engagement barriers!

Access all Bites directly in your personal and group chat

Use Bites BOT to search for specific contents right from your chat, to easily share it with co-workers and employees.

Personal dashboard

Bites’ personal dashboard in TEAMS centralizes all the Bites employee has received via any channel in TEAMS and creates a personal feed for every employee.

Employees can always get to their personal contents, search and easily find the relevant Bites on demand - all that in TEAMS with no need to get or install any other App.

Share directly from Bites Creator app using Teams BOT

Create a new Bite with the app and target directly users in Teams, to generate specific notifications for personal or group channels inside Teams workspace.

Deeper analytics to improve business goals

Bites in Teams provides a full analytics dashboard that enables monitoring and managing employee’s activity. Bites dashboard enables to filter the data according to any organizational vector - area, department, job title, branch, manager, unit etc.

Hassle-free with Single-Sign On (SSO)

No new onboarding efforts! Sign in to Bites with your MS Teams user and we will do the rest. All your Teams, channels and contacts will be automatically synced with Bites contents flow.

We were looking for a way to convey knowledge and short messages to our sales people around the world, in an engaging and visual way that would best suit their on-the-go work style. We launched Bites a year ago and today over 80% of our sales people use bites and enjoy receiving short pieces of content on various topics directly to their mobile. Using Bites really fits in with today’s style of consuming information which is why Bites is one of the most popular sales tools we have today.
Ephrat Harel, Sales Enablement Team Lead HP Indigo
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