Professional content that your front line workers really get

The new format for training, communications, and everything in between.
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Really effective.

The bite: a format for all your frontline’s needs

Create professional content

Easily create interactive training materials your employees will actually enjoy.

Share Direct delivery via existing channels

Share key materials natively with your employees, using the channels they’re most attentive to.

Manage Get the full picture with the analytics dashboard

Measure employee progress and completion rates to identify and eliminate knowledge gaps.

Create content that moves your business forward

Create a story your employees can actually enjoy

Within minutes, record a video or take a photo, and communicate with employees in the most engaging way. Add text and make use of professional features such as subtitles and noise cancellation.

Get the most out of your existing materials

Use Bites’ templates to instantly transfer your ppt/pdf/word materials to short and engaging videos. Embed forms and checklists with ease.

A complete learning cycle,
designed for on-the-go employees

More effective learning

Make a quiz, ask a question or summarize with flashcards for a reminder that lasts. Analytics enable you to identify and address workforce knowledge gaps.

Start the conversation

Discussions let you gain valuable feedback, create a community and interact more closely with your employees.

Reach your employees where
they’re most attentive

Integration with
familiar channels

Bites integrates with instant messaging channels, so your employees don’t need to download another app to engage with your content.

Plug and play

One-time registration + integration with IM = No lengthy implementation or onboarding process.

Measure progress and ensure alignment with the dashboard

See that your frontline employees get your professional information and measure their progress. Identify, then address knowledge gaps in your workforce.

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